Tio Patinhas

"Tio Patinhas" is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot who converts currencies and cryptocurrencies in Natural Language. Available in Brazilian Portuguese, you can ask questions like:

"Quanto tá o dólar?"
"20 reais em pesos uruguaios?"
"Quanto é 50 euros em reais?"
"Quanto tá o Bitcoin?"
"Quanto são 2 bitcoins em reais?"
"Quanto são 2 bitcoins em Etherum?"
"Quanto é 100 pesos uruguaios em pesos argentinos?"

Tio Patinhas does not support other languages yet, and although it can convert between multiple currencies, Brazilian Real is the base currency when you ask questions like "How much is one dollar?".

Technologies I used

  • NodeJS
  • Dialogflow API (by Google)
  • Cryptocompare API