My Path

  • Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology

    In 2009 I was accepted into the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology (IF-Sul) as a high school and technical student with a focus in Electronics. During this time I had my first contact with circuits, complex systems and basic programming, with all those subjects targeting the automization of industry and minor projects with IoT.

  • The Allamo Colleges

    In February of 2012 I was graced with a 30 days scholarship to study English as a Second Language and Entrepreneurship in San Antonio, TX - USA. It was my first time in the US and it helped me to gain confidence with a foreign language, but also helped me to perceive an entrepreneurship vision about industry and about myself.

  • Federal University of Pelotas

    After graduating in High School and Technical School at IFSul, I was accepted into the Federal University of Pelotas, where i'm persuing a degree in Computer Science. At first I focused my studies on Machine Learning, and although I still have interest in related fields, now I am more focused in topics like User Experience and Product Design.

  • College of Charleston

    In August 2015 I was again graced with a scholarship, sponsored by the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (also known as the Science Without Borders program) and maintained by the Brazillian Ministry of Education, where I could study for 2 semesters in the College of Charleston, in Charleston, SC - USA. I gained a full experience on how to live in a different country for a long period and it also helped me to study Computer Science in a whole new reality.

  • Loyola University in Chicago

    After completing my studies in Charleston, I was able to apply my knowledge in a summer internship in the Loyola University, in Chicago, IL - USA. As an intern, I was responsible to develop an experimental web application for the academic community to mantain the scientific production inside the university.